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Physiological data and wearable tech to track cognitive activity

Interested in physiological data (#EEG, #ECG and #EDA) and wearable tech to track cognitive activity? Physiological data and information from wearable sensing can inform us about our cognitive engagement, stress and mental fatigue. We can benefit users by shaping goals and behaviours with new #machinelearning models and cognitive engineering. Join our workshop at #MobileHCI2023, in the beautiful Athens to start the conversation on "The Future of Cognitive Personal Informatics", organised with Christina Schneegass, Max L. Wilson, Horia Alexandru Maior, Anna Cox and Jason Wiese. We aim to bring together different people’s perspectives on Cognitive Personal Informatics as an increasingly important research agenda. We aim to understand what new opportunities consumer neurotechnology will bring to the field of Personal Informatics and which things will translate from it ready for these new devices to become part of the ecology of wearables. The Call for Papers is out here: And if you want to know more about #consumer #neurotechnology & #cognitive #personalinformatics have a read at this blog-post:

Timetable about Psichologycal Data and wereable tech


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